IDACTIVOS.COM (Images Actives Designs) is a small company of professionals with 17+ years old of expertise in Informations Technologies applied to Graphic Design, Mobile Apps, Web Development, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social Media (SEM), Photography and Web applications to business management.

IDACTIVOS arises with the need to meet some requirements of customers with small businesses in Costa Rica and out of Costa Rica. Based on new requirements of these customers decided to expand its services offering innovative technological custom applications, web sites and mobiles apps. We like to work with companies and professionals who are willing to change and use technology as an effective way to control and management of its business.

Our main objective help customer to get better brand and boost theirs business process with an control and manage business using the latest technologies and promoting theirs products and services nationally and internationally.


Get the technological needs from our customers and define the best strategies to promote your brand, products and services online.


An innovative and effective vision committed to its need for communication visual. Offer many technology tools in order to stay in the in the forefront.

We makes different!

We like to get results and satisfy the needs from customers with technologies, every work done is part of business card presentation.


We listen about yours problems and find solutions that meets yours needs in business!

We are a team of professionals that have passion to solve issues in your business and find the best solutions to your management. Let’s talk!

We define smart strategies

We have experience and know how to find the best technological elements necessary to achieve the goals.

Contribute to your Success!

We do follow up and continuous improvement business process or to get the best position about your products or services on the Web.